Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Picture Book: Big, Bigger, Biggest!

This is the second book I've reviewed with this title, and I'm pleased to say it's as appealing as the first one! Author Nancy Coffelt has written a great book about comparisons, synonyms and antonyms. The best part is that you won't know you're learning when you read it, because it's so fun!

Clear, cartoon pictures of animals are feature on each page, with a bright contrasting background. Each animals makes a statement: the hippopotamus says, "I'm big." The dinosaur says, "I'm biggest!". The bunny says, "I'm small". And so on! Each group (big, small, fast, slow, hungry, slimy, sleepy) has three animals, each with their own statement. (big, bigger, biggest, etc.)

Underneath each animals' statement, there are three synonyms that give kids other ways to say the word. For example, the hippo ("I'm big!") is also large, huge, and jumbo. The tortoise ("I'm slow!") is also plodding, languid, and ponderous. What a wonderful way to learn new words! The pictures give kids a concrete sense of each word, so that they really make sense. Parents can encourage kids to use these words for fun! Kids will get a kick out of a parent saying, "Don't be so ponderous" when they send kids off to bed. A great pick for vocabulary building.

Picture Book

Ages 4-8

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