Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nonfiction: Join In and Play

This book is extremely useful for any parent or caregiver of a preschool or young elementary child. It tackles the difficult subject of playing with friends.
It's hard for young children to know how to join a group of other kids who are already playing. Asking to join in is a learned skill, and a very important one! This book makes suggestions about these situations in language that kids will understand.
Suggestions include, "When I see someone I'd like to play with, I can walk up and smile as I say hello." or, "I can invite someone to play with me." It sounds simple, but these play skills are learned behaviours that many kids have trouble mastering!
The book uses clear, friendly and multicultural artwork that can also help kids identify what to do when a situation doesn't go their way. For example, "Sometimes I lose a game, or get picked last, or don't get a turn. I can still have fun. And things might go better next time". The author also shows kids how to help others who are having a hard time: "When things don't go well for someone else, I can say something kind.".
This book is a very useful and accessible title for many kids, and would be great as a shared read in daycares and preschools as well.
Ages 3-6
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