Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Picture Book: The Three Robbers

Parents might remember this classic, award winning picture book from their own childhoods! Published in 1963, the Three Robbers is a childhood standard, for good reason.
From the opening "once upon a time", right up until the fairy tale ending, this is a sneakily charming tale about three bad robbers who end up being very good indeed.
The best part of this book is the strong, bold artwork. Every page makes great use of negative space, with black backgrounds and distintive silhouettes. As the robbers become reformed (courtesy of a small girl who takes over their hearts) the pages become lighter, with more greens, reds, and othe colours creeping in. The iconic art is the kind that kids will remember for years to come. A wonderful book with a great message and wonderful illustration. Highly recommended.
Picture book
Ages 3-6
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