Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Board Book: Skippyjon Jones Up and Down

This book is a great introduction to opposites, as Skippyjon zooms back and forth, up and down, over and under, and in and out. Based on the wildly popular picturebook series for preschoolers, this short version for babies and toddlers is brightly illustrated and sure to please.
Board Book
Ages 6 mos to 3
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Picture Book: City Signs

Zoran Milich's simple book of signs is a great I spy book for kids when they travel around town. Many ordinary street signs are left out of this book, but signs like "rail crossing" "taxi" and "construction" are sure to be familiar. Clear, attractive photographs allow kids to easily identify the sign with its object.
Picture Book
Ages 2-4
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Picture Book: The Growing Story

First published in 1947, this classic story has been beautifully reillustrated by Helen Oxenbury. A boy, and his puppy, and some chicks are all very little. In the spring, the boy notices that the flowers and the grass are all growing: "Will I grow too?" he asks his mother. "Of course!" she replies. The story progresses through the seasons, and by fall the little boy despairs of every growing bigger. He is only convinced when he puts on last winter's warm clothes, and lo! They're too small! The real joy of this book is in the lovely, delicate watercolour illustrations. It took me twice as long as it should have to read this sweet story, because sometimes I just stared at the pictures for a few minutes!

Picture Book

Ages 3-6

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Picture Book: I.Q. Gets Fit

This adorable nod to healthy living starts when Mrs. Furber's class signs up for their school's Health Month competition. I.Q. is the class pet, and he knows right away that he wants to pass the fitness test, and win a gold ribbon! When I.Q. doesn't do as well as the other students on the fitness test, he's worried he won't pass; but as the month goes on, I.Q. learns about healthy habits such as eating a balanced diet, exercising, and getting enough sleep. At the end of the month, I.Q. takes the fitness test again, and after a moment of suspense, it turns out that he's won the award for most inproved student! The pictures of the tiny mouse exercising his heart out are so endearing; you'll be cheering so hard for I.Q. that you won't even notice you're learning as you read.
Picture Book
Ages 4-7
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Picture Book: Museum Trip

Wordless picturebooks are one of my favourite formats, and Museum Trip doesn't disappoint. There's plenty for older preschoolers to talk about in this simply drawn tale of a boy's class visit to the museum. A boy is separated from his group when he stops to tie his shoe, and his solitary wanderings lead him to a secret room filled with mazes! Your child will enjoy tracing the path through the maze almost as much as they'll like the surprising ending.

Talking about the wordless illustrations really supports your child's narrative skills; every page is an opportunity to ask, "what's happening here?" It would be fun to read this book before or after your own family's museum outing!

Wordless Picture Book
age 4-7
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Picture Book: I Love Trains!

For kids who are train obsessed, Philemon Sturges classic picture book provides a very simple, rhyming introduction to the different types of cars and what they carry. The subject matter alone makes this book very popular!
Picture Book
Ages 2-5
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