Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Nursery Rhymes with CD: Playtime Rhymes for Little People

Barefoot Books is immediately recognizable as the publisher of this book, because their trademark fabric and stitchery illustrations are all over the bright, attractive cover.

Inside, kids will find a wonderful selection of over 40 well known or classic nursery rhymes and songs. Some will be familiar to all (I'm a little teapot, Head and shoulders) and some are delightfully older songs or rhymes that have fallen out of favour (Five litle peas, Wind the bobbin up, Hinx Minx). Each rhyme has a colourful fabric illustration to support the text.

Best of all, this book comes with a CD that will help parents and kids learn (or remember!) the tunes to these fun rhymes and songs. The track titles don't match up exactly with the pages of the book, so some page flipping will be necessary to figure out what song is playing, but overall the inclusion of the CD is extremley helpful.

I would use the CD more as an aide to help me learn to sing the songs myself; the music is not particularly to my taste. As a learning tool, however, it's more than adequate.

Nursery Rhymes with CD
Ages 0-4
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