Thursday, October 01, 2009

Picture Book: All Kinds of Families

This interesting concept book explains the idea that objects, animals and other things have families...just like we do! Using concrete examples and whimsical pictures, the authors shows how things can be grouped into families by use (forks, spoons knives), genealogy (human families), location (stuff in your fridge), and likeness (eggs in a carton). There are many fun examples, and the book's clever rhyming refrains reinforce the idea that human families are changed when someone is born. Here's an example:

As soon as you're born, you make a new grandma

or maybe a grandpa, that's what you might do,

You might make a cousin, you might be a cousin,

An uncle or aunt might be made just by you!

What a great way to start the explanation of how families are made, and why we call the people in our families (aunts, grandmas) special names! A useful and unique title.

Picture book

Ages 4-6

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