Friday, September 04, 2009

Picture Book: Not All Animals are Blue

This book's tagline is "a big book of little differences". Each page has a picture of an animal group on the right hand spread, with some pointed questions on the left hand side.
For example, the picture of "Five Brand New Babies" shows an alligator baby, a penguin, an owl, an ostrich, and a turtle, all in a row. The questions ask, "why is she wearing pajamas?" "Who's having a drink first?" "She seems very sad". and "she's wearing her eggshell as a hat".

These questions (and comments) act as conversation starters, getting kids and parents to look closely at the details of the art. Some questions spur discussion (She seems very sad) and some invite speculation and factual conversations (do alligators really come from eggs?).

The true value of this book is that it inspires dialogic reading, or reading where parents and kids have a conversation about the book. Talking about books while you read them is a very effective way to maximize the early literacy impact of shared reading, and build kids' vocabulary, narrative and comprehension skills. You can do this with any book, but "Not All Animals Are Blue" is a wonderful help for parents who are not sure about dialogic reading.
A great quiet book for bedtime or other peaceful moments.

Picture Book
Ages 3-5
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