Thursday, October 01, 2009

Picture Book: Moon Rabbit

This picture book tackles the unusual idea of *not* living happily ever after! little rabbit lives in the city, where she is very happy on her own. She has a favourite cafe, a nice place to stay, and she likes how the city has so many things to see and do. But sometimes, she wishes there was someone else, jsut like her, that she could be friends with.

Cue Brown Rabbit! When little white rabbit goes for a picnic in the country, she meets Brown Rabbit. Together they spend many happy days, playing and frolicking in the park. But one dark night, white rabbit is reminded of her beloved city when she sees the bright lights glowing in the distance. Nothing Brown Rabbit tries makes the little rabbit happy, so she decides to go back to the city; back to her home. I found this a little sad, but sure enough, little rabbit makes certain that her new friend will stay close...she invites him to visit her the very next day!

A touching tale about how friendship doesn't need to mean ownership, and one that emphasizes the importance of listening to our own feelings and preferences.

Picture book

Ages 3-6

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