Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wordless Picture Book: Treasure Bath

I love wordless picture books, and this one is a great example of the genre. After helping his mom bake a cake, a little boy is marched off to the bathtub for a scrub. He's rather despondent at first (not at all anxious to wash off the chocolate stains!) but the he sees that there are fish in his bath! And suddenly, the bath is the ocean, and he finds a map that leads him to a treasure chest.

Uh oh...just soap and shampoo in the chest. An octopus (mom?) grabs him, and scrubs him from top to toe. When he's released from the sea creature's grasp, he finds that he's back in the tub, clean and bright. Into pajamas, and then...cake!

Wordless picture books really give kids room to exercise their imagination. This one is rather simple (they could have done so much more with the pictures of the ocean and treasure!) but all the same, it's a great way to encourage kids to pretend.

Wordless Picture Book

Ages 3-5

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