Thursday, October 22, 2009

Picture Book: Itty Bitty

This is a sweet, light tale that will appeal to kids who love baby animals or tiny things. Itty Bitty is a tiny, tiny little dog. He is pleased when he finds a bone that he can chew on, and he gnaws it until he's made a nice little house!
The bone is a bit roomy, though, and Itty Bitty needs some furniture. This sparks a journey to the furniture department in town, where kids will recognize Itty Bitty's problem: everything is much too large!

Fortunately, the store has a Teeny Weeny Department, where Itty Bitty finds the perfect sofa, rug and table. His house furnished, Itty Bitty settles in with - you guessed it - a teeny tiny book!
Clear and attractive art is a selling point for this book, but mostly it's a cute story that will appeal to kids who are used to navigating an adult world.
Ages 2-4
Picture Book
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