Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Picture Book: Never Talk To Strangers

I love the illustrations in this book; they look like they're straight out of the sixties, with their curly lines and textured wallpapers. The message is just as good, and perhaps a bit more timeless!
In funny, rhyming verse, this book exhorts children to ignore and avoid strangers who try to get their attention. For example:
"If you are hanging from a trapeze/ and up sneaks a camel with bony knees,/ remember this rule, if you please -/Never talk to strangers!"
The other pages are just as fun, with grouchy bears knocking at your door, spotted leopards leaping in a store, rhinoceri waiting for a bus, and bees riding their bikes. All these weird and wonderful animals are rebuffed with the refrain, "Never Talk to Strangers!"
The best part of this book, however, is its second half. In the later pages, kids are given examples of when talking to a stranger is perfectly ok. If your father introduces you to a kangaroo, or your teacher introduces you to a llama, they're not strangers...because your father/teacher knows her! A fun book with a great message.
Picture Book
Ages 3-6
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