Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Picture Book: The Doghouse

Author Jan Thomas has done it again, with this hilariously tongue-in-cheek picture book. Mouse, Cow, Duck and Pig are playing ball in a sunny field when their ball rolls staight into THE DOGHOUSE! Mouse proceeds to volunteer his friends for retrieval duty, and the tension builds as, one by one, they don't come out. What's going on in there, anyway? Can Mouse swallow his fear and find out?
The text is very, very minimal, making this a perfect choice for beginning readers. A wonderful readaloud for kids who are old enough to get the interplay between the text and pictures; kids will be howling with laughter when the spooky words are juxtaposed with the silly, slapstick pictures. A short, fun read!
Picture book
Ages 3-5
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