Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Picture Book: Katie Loves the Kittens

If you're a dog lover, this adorable picture book will have you sitting up and begging for more. Katie is sooooo excited when Sara Ann brings home three cute little kittens. She's so excited that she just can't help herself! Whenever she sees them, she howls with glee, and runs over to play with them. But the kittens are very tiny, and they're terrified of poor Katie.

Katie finally learns that she must moderate her excitement if she wants the kittens to trust her; a happy ending for all. The best part of this book is the spot-on illustration. Those who love dogs will recognize several classic behaviours: the unstoppably wagging tail, the embarassed curl-up on the dog pillow, and the head-off-the-dog-bed exhausted sleep. The pictures of the kittens are equally funny, and author/illustrator John Himmelman captures the ninja-kitten position perfectly as the kittens fly through the air after Katie's indiscretions.

Picture Book

Ages 3-6

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