Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Picture Book: Big Rabbit's Bad Mood

Everybody's had one. A bad mood...one that follows you around, and sticks like glue. Big Rabbit's bad mood is a hairy, rabbit sized guy that cheerfully follows him around everywhere he goes. It does annoying things, like tap on the desk, or flick the light switches. It even eats the houseplants and the CD player when Big Rabbit tries to cheer himself up with some music!
Finally, Big Rabbit tries making a path of arrows to show the Bad Mood the door. He's so busy making and moving and doing that he doesn't notice the bad mood disappear! To top things off, all of Big Rabbit's friends show up at his door, ready to celebrate.
I thought that it could have been made more clear that a bad mood can be dispelled on your own; many kids will connect the birthday party and presents with the bad mood's departure. But the whimsical pictures and cute text are so delightful that i'm inclined to forgive this book any weaknesses! Definitely a great readaloud for anyone who's ever had one of THOSE moods.
Picture Book
Ages 3-6
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