Thursday, October 27, 2011

Picture Book: You Will Be My Friend!

Oh dear. When Lucy decides she's going to make a new friend that day, NOTHING is going to stand in her way. Brimming with optimism, Lucy can't see how her plan to befriend one of the forest's critters could possibly go wrong.

Except... that it does. Again, and again, and again. Lucy tries to be patient and optimistic, but it's difficult when all her efforts just seem to be backfiring! She didn't mean to eat the bee's house at her tea party, and she just can't make herself enjoy chomping on trees when she hangs out with Beaver.

Lucy eventually resorts to threats (complete with hilarious one-liners, like "Come back here and have fun with me!") before she realizes that you just can't force a friendship. Fortunately, somebody who needs a friend arrives just as she's given up all hope of making a buddy. Whew!

There's a couple of messages here: first and foremost, you can't make somebody be friends with you. Despite your best intentions, there has to be willingness on both sides, or things will work out very badly indeed. Second, finding a friend is a bit like finding your prince: you may have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find that perfect match! Despite the hilarious presentation, the message behind this book is a good one for any child who has ever felt lonely, left out, or friendless in a crowd. There's a friend waiting out there somewhere: just stay hopeful, be yourself, keep putting yourself out there, and that perfect person will connect with you in the end.

Picture Book
Ages 3-6
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