Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Book: What 's in the Witch's Kitchen?

Fans of pop up and lift-the-flap books will go bonkers for Nick Sharratt's newest holiday title. With his trademark clever rhymes, English idiom, and bright, cartoony pictures, this title is a holiday winner for storytimes and read-alouds.

There's plenty of grossness this Halloween in the witch's kitchen: open the flaps one way, and you'll find delicious treats, like tasty cheese and crunchy brown toast. Open them the other way, and it's bats with fleas, or a grumpy burnt ghost!

Parents be warned: there are some extra gross pages, with treats like the teapot full of goblin wee, and the jar of rabbit plops. Most kids will find this kind of humour hysterical, but it might send you off your tea for a few days.

Halloween Book
Ages 2-6
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