Thursday, October 27, 2011

Picture Book: Dear Tabby

Older presch0olers and early elementary kids will love the feisty Tabby D. Cat, author of the "Dear Tabby" advice column. All the animals in Critterville know that if they're in a pinch, Dear Tabby will help them out with advice, all for the low, low price of table scraps or cat food.

The advice column format is best suited to four through eight year olds, as it requires some background print knowledge to understand. The snarky, sardonic humour is great for kids who are ready to read between the lines, and the text and art are often in counterpoint: observant kids will notice details that add to the message contained in the written content.

Tabby gives great advice that addresses the feelings behind the letters: a bored dog is told to start his pursuit of happiness by chasing his tail, a talkative parrot is given a listening lesson, and the over-coddled Boots is encouraged to find freedom in the hills.

A quirky and hilarious book, this would be a fantastic title for early elementary classes that are ready for a prompted writing exercise.

Picture Book

Grades k-5

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