Friday, September 10, 2010

Picturebook: Pink Me Up

Are you ready for an explosion of pink sparkles and frilliness? Little bunny certainly is. Today is the 3rd annual Pink-nic, and bunny is all set to rock the party with her equally pink Mama.

Unfortunately, Mama wakes up with a bad case of (pink) chicken pox. Uh-oh. Mama's too sick to go: today is the WORST DAY EVER!!!

Of course, there is a stand-in available...Daddy? Little bunny carefully informs Daddy that (ahem) he's a boy, and therefore is most decidedly not pink. However, Daddy (being secure in his manhood, and rather a good sport) ransacks his closet and finds one pink tie.

Inspired, Little bunny and daddy set to work on pinking daddy up: they draw pink polka dots on his shirt, tape pink stripes to his pants, and generally pinkify his wardrobe. Little bunny kindly holds Daddy's hand on the way to the pink-nik (after all, he's not used to this excess of pink) and soaks up the praise and applause when all the other Mama's see his remarkable outfit.

Little girls who are obsessed with pink, fairies, princesses and the like will eat up the text, while more jaded adults will stifle our hysterical laughter when the cartoon-like art shows Daddy's ambivalent expressions, and little bunny's master plan to pink up the universe. A wonderful and smart title that pokes holes in standard gender roles through gentle humour.

Picture Book
Ages 4-6
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