Friday, September 10, 2010

Picture Book: Erroll

When Bob finds a talking squirrel named Erroll inside his package of nuts, he can hardly imagine how a squirrel could have snuck inside. A gracious host, Bob offers Erroll a peanut butter sandwich, which trips off a crumby, peanut-buttery chase through the house and up a nearby tree.

When Bob's Mom finds the mess, she doesn't believe Bob's talking squirrel story: at least, not until Erroll politely introduces himself. Sensibly, Mom decides that Erroll must return to the woods (with a triple-decker peanut butter sandwich to keep him going, and a promise to visit soon).

The next morning, Bob opens up his package of Monkey Munch...can you guess who's inside?

Though the story is a bit stilted, energetic boys will immediately identify with Bob and his ability make the most of an unbelievable situation. The large type will invite new readers to try this book on their own, while the complex artwork will encourage kids to pore over the pictures as they follow Erroll's journey through the guys of the nut factory, or the disastrous path of the chase through the house.

Great for boys in grades 1-4, particularly reluctant readers or those who depend on pictures for motivation.

Picture Book
Grades 1-4
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