Friday, September 10, 2010

Picture Book: Todd's TV

This cautionary tale is primarily aimed at parents and older elementary aged kids who are keenly aware of the debate surrounding television's deleterious effects.

Todd loves his parents, but he loves his TV too. Todd's parents are busy, busy people who argue over who will take Todd to events, appointments, and other necessary functions. When they can't agree on who should parent their only child, Todd's TV steps in to take over his parenting (including tucking him in and giving him sage advice on life).

Slowly, Todd's parents begin to realize they've made a mistake. Their attempts to reason and negotiate with the TV for more time with Todd are rebuffed, until (aHA!) they discover the off switch. All is well in the family...until Todd gets a computer.

Kids will laugh at the TV's over-the-top antics, but parents will likely take a sober second look at the amount of time their own little Todds are spending in front of the tube: this is, of course, exactly what author James Proimos desires. Perhaps a bit preachy for those who are in the know, but a useful book for teaching kids about media awareness.

Picture Book
Ages k-4
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