Friday, April 17, 2009

Picture Book: The Surprise

Wordless picture books invite kids to use their own imaginations, and make up the story as they go. There's no better way to support narrative skills, one of the most important parts of literacy.

The Surprise is a lovely story about a sheep who is making a present for his friend Giraffe. Kids will wonder what's happening in the first few pages, as Sheep checks his fleece in the mirror, and goes off on his red scooter to the dye store. Some might even want to dye their own hair, just like Sheep does; it takes him a long time, but finally the bright red wool is spun and knitted into a beautiful scarlet sweater. It's just the right size for Giraffe, who rewards a blushing Sheep with a kiss.

A very simple tale of friendship, and an illustration of how the most thoughtful gifts are those that we make ourselves. Suitable for older preschoolers and younger grade schoolers.

Wordless picture book
Ages 4-7
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