Friday, April 17, 2009

Picture Book: Doctor Ted

Poor Ted! He bumped his knee one morning, and there were no doctors available in his house. What to do? Well, why not just become the doctor himself!
Ted proceeds to search out patients in his home and in his kindergarten class. Unfortunately, his bedside manner is somewhat lacking. His mom's measles turn out to be freckles, and his teacher's mumps are just her chubby cheeks. When the principal comes to talk to him, Ted prescribes him a shot and a full body cast for his gingivitis and bad breath. Ted went home early that day.
But when an emergency happens, the whole school is very glad to have Ted around. Mission accomplished, Ted packs up his stethoscope, ready for the next adventure. The cartoony, fun pictures are perfect for preschoolers, but kids up to grade two will love the slapstick humour of Ted's missed diagnoses and social blunders. A charmer!
Picture Book
Ages 3-7
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