Friday, February 03, 2012

Picture Book: At this Very Moment

This sophistocated concept book is an interesting read for early elementary school kids. It relates a child's self-centred concept of time to the idea of universal time.

The "at this very moment" refrain links a child's daily activities to the exotic actions of animals far away. For example, "The moment you are waking up...somewhere in the early light, there's a band of sheep following their leader, walking in a line, on a steep and narrow trail along a mountain spine."

Similar verses connect time at school, eating dinner, and falling asleep to the activities of animals in the wild. Although the idea is lovely, and the art beautiful, the complex idea contemporaneous activities really requires an adult as mediator between the text and the child.

I would definitely recommend this title as a peaceful way for an older preschooler to connect with nature, but the message would be lost without an adult to explain and extend the ideas. It would be best suited as a class read-aloud, with a corresponding art/literacy project where kids create their own "at this very moment" books.

Picture Book
Grades k-3
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