Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Picture Book: Hello Tilly

I've just discovered the Tilly and Friends series, and I think I'm in love! These charming picture books are a UK import, and they have the whimsical pictures and storyline that characterize English books for children.
Tilly and her animal friends all live together in their little yellow house. Tilly is reading one day when Tiptoe the bunny comes by, and askes if she wants to play band with him. Of course she does! Doodle invites them to a feast, then chicken Pru starts a dress up party. When everyone has a little too much fun, they settle down to listen to Tilly's story, and the tale ends where it began.

With very simple words and little plot, this is a perfect book for very young children. Kids will love the silly fun that Tilly and friends get into, and they'll find themselves in at least one of Tilly's very different group of friends.
Picture Book
Ages 2-4
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