Thursday, February 05, 2009

Picture Book: Come Rhyme With Me

Hans Wilhelm has created an alphabet book with huge literacy punch. On every page, the rhyming text leads kids to a flap that covers the final word in the sentence. Kids will use the picture and rhyme clues to guess the final word, and then confirm their guess by lifting the flap.

What a fantastic way to support phonological awareness! Parents can help kids read through the sentence, and can prompt with beginning sounds for some of the more difficult rhymes. Most four and five year olds will be very ready to guess the endings, but children younger than this will need prompting.

The bright, cartoony images give lots of information to assist kids as they read the text, and everyone will laugh when Gorilla picks his _ _ _. With humour, great visuals, and lots of literacy impact, this book is a winner!

Picture Book

Ages 3-6

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