Thursday, March 08, 2007

Picture Book: Celebrity Cat

This picture book is quite a chameleon. On the surface, it's an engaging tale of Felissima, a cat who decides to take action after she finds no cats in the paintings at the Art Gallery on Cat Visiting Night. Felissima is a talented artist, and she paints cats into many of our most famous artworks. Her work is lauded by cats worldwide, and Felissima becomes a celebrity cat. But, at the end, she comes to understand that cats are not in the pictures because they choose not to be. (how catlike.)
The illustrations in this book are amazing. Felissima and her fellow cats are painted in vibrant hues, while the real-life paintings (such as the Mona Lisa and Van Gogh's Chair) are faithfully recreated. This book would be a wonderful jumping off point for conversations about art in history.
Picture book
Preschool to grade 2
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