Monday, February 19, 2007

Picture book: Silly Suzy Goose

Suzy goose looks just like all the other geese in her flock. "I wish I could be different," she thinks. The simple text follows her as she imagines hanging upside down like a bat, splashing like an elephant, swimming like a seal, and roaring like a lion. Inspired, Suzy tries out a "Rroarrrhonk!" on a snoozing lion, and races back to the flock just in time to blend in with her identical friends, and escape being eaten. She ends the book by deciding that sometimes it's nice to be like everyone else; but not always.
The simple text and large amounts of white space in this book make it an excellent choice for toddler read alouds. Kids will enjoy looking at the cartoonish paintings of familiar (and not so familiar) animals, and the message is a good one. Definitely a fun choice for storytime.
Picture Book
Ages 2-5
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